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David was born in Greenwich, London in 1954 and picked up his enthusiasm for art at an early age. On leaving school he started a career in graphic design and also attended the Central School of Art in London in his spare time. Before his twenties he decided to move to Cornwall away from the design world to develop his skills in fine art, picking up work where and when he could to supplement his income, a spell working on a farm and in a fish and chip shop saw him through the summer months.

When he returned from Cornwall he moved to Canterbury where he worked once again in graphic design on a freelance basis and produced a number of commissioned paintings in his spare time. An opportunity arose in his late twenties to visit Canada with the view to working in Toronto while studying the variety of modern and traditional art produced by the Canadian landscape and wild life artists of whom he was interested. On his return he found it difficult to obtain the relevant working permit to allow him to spend the period of time in Canada he wanted so it was back to graphic design and a job in London. During this period he was producing fine artwork of varied compositions as and when it was commissioned, but it was never regular enough for him to pursue this on a full time basis.

In 1986 he met his future wife Linda and four years later they married and moved to West Malling, Kent. Although still earning a living in graphic design he was determined to try to spend more time working in fine arts and in 1994 he moved to a tumbled down cottage near Ashford, Kent and began a small business called Creations Workshop. Here they would create a multitude of fine art and design projects. Now in his forties and with three children, Alex, Toby and the youngest Elizabeth, he and Linda are producing a series of fine art projects from framed original paintings, illustrations and prints to period reproduction gifts and furniture.

During his working career he has produced over three hundred commissioned artworks including landscapes, wildlife, sports and portraits, several of these specifically commissioned in the style of famous artists of the past, a technique developed while working in graphic design where a variation of artistic styles was regularly required. It is in his own painting style that he excels the most and these series of limited-edition prints will make his work more accessible to a much wider public.